01-17-2018 Drawing for $50 Fiero Store gift certificate
Have you renewed you NEFA membership yet? At our annual meeting on Saturday, we voted to have a raffle for NEFA to give away a $50.00 gift certificate to The Fiero Store. To be eligible, all you have to do is to either join (if you know of some Fiero enthusiast who should be a member) or renew your NEFA membership by 2/28 (before 3/1).

Plus, donít know if you know, but as a member of NEFA, you get a 5% discount on select parts (generally non-GM parts).

So, click Join NEFA. If its a renewal, you donít have to fill out the entire application, just enough so I know who you are. Pay by either mail or through Paypal. If by mail, I have to have received your membership before 3/1 to be eligible.

So, get on the stick and renew or join. Who of us Fiero owners canít use a $50 gift certificate to The Fiero Store?

If youíve already joined or renewed for 2018, youíre already in the drawing. If you donít know or remember, just ask Ray.