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History, General Information, Maintenance, & Lubrication
A Little Fiero History08-19957
Fiero Production Figures by Model & Year02-19952
Father of the Fiero, Hulki Aldikatcti03-20047
Buying a Fiero03-200710
Fiero Values05-19966
Fiero Values05-19976
Fiero Values03-200712
Decipher That VIN08-19953
Decipher That VIN08-20054
Fiero Crash Test Results02-19965
Is Your Fiero Totaled03-20084
A Super Plastic Polish09-199911
Detailing Products Online05-20015
Fiero "Jacking" Locations01-200913
High Mileage Oils11-20046
Mouse Proofing your Fiero08-20059
Emergency Travel Kit02-200512
Random Fiero Facts - Source: The World Wide Web03-200911
Reverend’s Review; Gates Unicoil hose, Turtle Wax Foam Away03-200912
Member Share - AC, bushing, and exhaust info09-20094
Fiero sales stall; GM will quit making car09-20098
Fiero Plant Philosophy06-20158
Father of the Fiero, Hulki Aldikatcti06-20153
Father of the Fiero, Hulki Aldikatcti04-20151
Father of the Fiero, Hulki Aldikatcti04-20153
Press Release - 1988 Pontiac Fiero06-20148
Press Release - 1988 Fiero Features & Engineering Highlights12-201411
Press Release - 1988 Improved 2.8-Liter V-6 Engine09-201413
Press Release - 1988 Fiero Suspension Highlights12-201410
Dealer Ad Planner - Customer Demographic Target06-201610
Dealer Ad, 1986 Fiero05-20164
GM Auctions Fiero Prototypes (Convertible, 2+2, GTU)09-200310
Buying a Fiero03-20147
Buying a Fiero03-201411
Fiero Values02-20151
Fiero Collector's Guide07-20141
Fiero Crash Test Results07-20154
Winter Driving in a Fiero12-20156
Mouse Proofing your Fiero08-20162
Jacking your Fiero06-20144
Top Tier Gasoline02-200512
Heating & Air Conditioning
Heater Core Replacement08-19963
Heater Core Replacement12-200710
Heater Efficiency02-19976
Converting to R134a08-19985
Converting to R134a09-200110
How to Keep Your Cool & Other Interesting Tidbits09-200911
Heater Core Replacement04-20151
Converting to R134a09-200912
Converting to R134a01-20162
AC Workshop Information (Member Share)09-20094
Frame & Bumpers
Fiero Jacking Points02-19953
Stronger Front Cross-member09-20026
Steering, Suspension, Wheels & Tires
Steering Rack Replacement12-199911
Steering Column Replacement02-199710
Steering Wheel Styles & Repairs10-19988
"Go It's Own Way" (bump steer causes and cures)12-19994
Suspension Tuning08-19955
Koni Sway Bar Kit02-19998
Ball Joints DO Break01-200112
Wheels & Tires
Rims and Tires10-20008
Tire Sizing08-19956
Chrome (polished) Wheels02-19995
Refurbishing Turbo Wheels02-19994
Preserving Your Lugnuts06-19994
Preserving Your Lugnuts10-200021
Stock wheels12-200910
Wheel locks12-200911
Nitrogen In Your Tires09-20147
Tire Manufacturers06-20143
Final Drive
Transaxle Axle Seal Replacement05-200010
Fiero Brakes (overview)05-19953
Expensive Brake Overhaul10-19957
Grand Am Brake Conversion01-20018
Power Brake Booster (from S10) upgrade03-200611
Rear Brake Adjustment05-200116
Rear Brake Adjustment04-20036
Restoring Good Braking02-19997
Brake Hose (Dragging Brakes / Locked Calipers)06-19995
Reading Your Brakes12-201412
Corvette C4 Brake Conversion08-20161
V-6 Engine Replacement12-200914
Oil Filters06-20087
Dog Bone Differences05-20054
Engine Removal12-200914
Air / Fuel
Air Cleaner Restoration09-19977
Throttle Cable Replacement04-20036
Hot Fuel Pump (Problems, Problems, Problems-#1)10-199812
Fuel Economy02-199812
Hi-Output Fuel Pump / Fuel Guage Sending Unit Repairs08-19984
Dirty Injectors (Problem #3)10-199812
Demystifying Fuel Injectors04-20035
Cold Start Assembly Connection on Fuel Rail (Strong gas odor)05-20005
Cold Start Injector03-200211
Premium Gas (Bad for your Engine)06-19998
Air Cleaner Restoration08-20141
Fuel Pump Fuse Testing06-20154
Multec Fuel Injector Applications08-20147
Cooling / Antifreeze
Waterpump Replacement on 2.8L03-200214
Coolant Crossover Pipe Replacement08-19974
Keeping It Cool - Hypertech Fan Switch01-200113
Coolant Test Strips02-20054
Lower Temperature Fan Swith12-20148
Idle Air Control (IAC) Valve09-20016
Electronic Control Module (ECM) explained03-200215
Electronic Control Module (ECM) Code Readout Trick02-19963
Oxygen (02) Sensor explained03-200214
Demystifying the MAP Sensor04-200315
Manifold Air Pressure (MAP) Sensor Diagnosis & Replacement02-19975
Temperature Sensors Primer05-200510
Throttle Position (TPS) Sensor Diagnosis & Replacement10-19965
My Cruise Control Stopped Working09-19998
ALDL Connector, Tests & Testing Codes12-20146
Electronic Control Module (ECM) Trouble Codes12-201510
Exhaust Manifold Bolt Replacement09-19967
Bad Catalytic Converter - Loss of Power (Problem #4)10-199813
EGR Tube Cure - Service Engine Light Code 3206-19994
Upgrading Your Ignition System05-20008
Ignition Module Failure / Loose Coil Wire11-20034
Plugs & Coils10-199810
Spark Plug Wire Tip - Dielectric Grease05-19953
Spark Plug Tech10-20155
Getrag / Muncie Transmission02-19953
Clutch Diagnosis & Repair05-200114
GT Clutch Replacement10-19964
Shorten Your Shifter08-19987
Torque Converter Clutch - "Chuggle in Automatic" (Problem #2)10-199812
Torque Converter Clutch - Anti-Lock By Pass Switch Mod11-20044
Automatic Transmission Filter Change / Other Modifications - Trick Shift Kit, Transmission Cooler & 12-199910
Axle Seal Replacement for 5-Speed Transaxle02-19999
Clutch - Revised Pontiac Service Bulletin01-20153
Clutch Check List (Pedal, Clutch Arm, Hydraulics)03-20158
Automatic Transmission Neutral Safety Switch R & R12-200811
Starter Replacement02-19967
Starter Replacement Tips12-19994
Fiero Alternators02-19998
Adjusting IRM Speedometer Upgrade08-19985
Correcting Speedometer Error caused by Larger Tires10-200020
Dancing Oil Pressure Gauge05-20056
Pegging Temperature Gauge05-20056
Inaccurate Gas Gauge12-200014
Headlight Motors ('84-'86)01-20036
Headlight Motors ('87-'88), Part 109-199910
Headlight Motors ('87-'88), Part 105-200117
Leaky Taillights12-20004
Loss of Tail & Brake Lights - Ground tracing09-200210
Newtral Safety Switch Repair / Replacement12-200811
Phantom Courtesy Light05-20056
Brake Warning Light & Trunk Release Miswiring05-20056
Trunk Light Installation02-20056
Fiero Bulb Replacement Guide09-20095
Paint Colors & Years02-19954
Painting a Fiero04-200310
Painting a Fiero08-20038
Painting a Fiero05-200510
V6 Plenum Touch-Up02-20046
Under Deck Lid Black Touch-Up11-20044
Save Your Wing08-19953
Sunroof Fix / Water Leaks & Whistling08-19954
New T-Top Seals, P-Seals, Locks12-20058
Dew Wipe Replacement09-20018
Dew Wipe Replacement09-20074
Door Hinge Tips & Tricks05-20046
Door Lock Change05-20007
Opening Trunk Without the Key05-200110
Installing a Power Deck Lid Release05-200112
Sail Panel Refurbishing09-20086
Arrowhead Replacement on Sail Panels12-19994
Reverend’s Review: Lisle wiper arm tool09-20096
Stock Color Codes12-200926
Rejuvenating oxidized window control switches08-20059
Interior Re-Decorating06-19996
Ash Tray Cover Repair & Replacement05-19963
Center Console Refurbishing02-19977
Door Mirror Control - Repair Plate02-19987
Console Glue02-20046
T-Top Sunshade Fabrication12-200810
T-Top Headliner Replacement05-20048
Fiero Conversions
Ford GT40 Replica05-19954
Fiero Convertible02-199810
Side Scoop Installation05-19965
2.8 V6 conversion of an '84 4-cyl09-20011
3.8 Liter Conversion02-19988
3.8 Liter Conversion04-20038
250+ HP from a modified 2.8L02-19977
Quad 4 Conversion05-19955
Fiero 3.4 Engine Swap for Beginners03-20163
Fiero 3.4 Engine Swap for Beginners04-20161
Recessed Antenna Installation10-19955
Custom Subwoofer06-19984
Converting Stock 85 MPH Speedometer to 140 MPH Version06-19985
Custom Steering Wheel Installation05-19967
Aftermarket Seats08-20036
Converting to Trunk Light with Switch12-20078
Will These Wheels Fit?04-200311
Recessed Antenna Installation12-20165
Auto-dimming Rear View Mirror12-20154
Parts / Accessories & Vendors
Parts & Accessories
Sports Shifter, Vinyl Spare Cover, Steering Damper08-19974
Tool Review - Craftsman Quick Wrench01-200115
"Harry's U-Pull-It"; Hazelton, PA02-19966
"EZ Pull", a you-pull-it salvage yard at New Ringgold, PA08-19963
Kick Hill Farm Fiero Parts at Lebanon, CT08-19967
Columbia Pontiac - Wholesale + 10% Discount10-19964
Fiero Performance02-19975
Blue Magic Performance - wholesaler08-19987
Fiero Warehouse No Longer Selling Used Fiero Parts…But Don’t Worry They’re Still Here!03-20094
Collectibles & Literature
Book Review - Pontiac Performance Plus02-19952
Video Review - Pontiac Fiero, by Motor Week08-19954
Fiero Cookie Cutters05-19973
History of Your Fiero (Pontiac Historic Services)09-19997
Fiero Merchandising12-200920
Fiero Toy Check12-200922
Fiero Shows & Club Events
Fiero Shows
Judging Guidelines08-20054
MAFOA's Fieros at Carlisle '96; Carlisle, PA05-19965
MAFOA's Fieros at Carlisle '97; Carlisle, PA05-19977
MAFOA's Fieros at Carlisle '98; Carlisle, PA06-199810
MAFOA's Fieros at Carlisle '99; Carlisle, PA06-199912
MAFOA's Fieros at Carlisle '00; Carlisle, PA10-200022
MAFOA's Fieros at Carlisle '00; Carlisle, PA01-20011
MAFOA's Fieros at Carlisle '01; Carlisle, PA05-20016
MAFOA's Fieros at Carlisle '01; Carlisle, PA09-200111
MAFOA's Fieros at Carlisle '02; Carlisle, PA09-200216
MAFOA's Fieros at Carlisle '02; Carlisle, PA01-20037, 12, 16
MAFOA's Fieros at Carlisle '03; Carlisle, PA08-2003cover, 16
MAFOA's Fieros at Carlisle '04; Carlisle, PA08-20049
MAFOA's Fieros at Carlisle '05; Carlisle, PA08-20056
MAFOA's Fieros at Carlisle '06; Carlisle, PA09-20061
MAFOA's Fieros at Carlisle '07; Carlisle, PA06-20074
MAFOA's Fieros at Carlisle '08; Carlisle, PA06-20084
MAFOA's Mid Atlantic Fiero Weekend at IRM08-19952
MAFOA's Rally Round Roundtop09-19995
MAFOA's Freysinger's Fiero / Mazda Show & Go12-19988
MAFOA's Fiero Dutch Classic10-200014
MAFOA's Fiero Dutch Classic12-200018
MAFOA's Fiero Dutch Classic IV11-200310
MAFOA's Fiero Dutch Classic V02-20058
MAFOA's Fiero Dutch Classic VI12-20054
MAFOA's Fiero Dutch Classic VII09-20078
MAFOA's 1st Fiero Battle of Gettysburg at Gettysburg, PA10-19954
MAFOA's 2nd Fiero Battle of Gettysburg at Gettysburg, PA10-19968
MAFOA's 3rd Fiero Battle of Gettysburg at Gettysburg, PA10-19974
MAFOA's 4th Fiero Battle of Gettysburg at Gettysburg, PA10-19984
MAFOA's '03 All GM Nationals at Carlisle, PA11-200314
MAFOA's '05 All GM Nationals at Carlisle, PA12-200513
MAFOA's '06 All GM Nationals at Carlisle, PA09-20064
MAFOA's '07 All GM Nationals at Carlisle, PA06-200712
MAFOA's '08 All GM Nationals at Carlisle, PA06-200810
FINE's 2nd Annual Show11-20031, 7
NEFA's Fieros in New England, MA09-200212
NEFA's '03 Swap Meet at Kick Hill Farms11-20036
NEFA's '04 Swap Meet at Kick Hill Farms11-200412, C227
FOCOA's Eastern Regional Fiero Festival at Strasburg, PA08-19953
FOCOA's 1999 Fiero Festival09-19994
FOCONE's New England Fiero Show '97; Rutland, MA08-19975
FOCONE's New England Fiero Show '00; Rutland, MA10-20006
FOCONE's New England Fiero Show '03; Wells, ME11-200315
FOCOSEVA's Eastern Regional Fiero Festival at Williamsburg, VA08-19966
FOCOSEVA's Williamsburg Show, VA;10-200012
FOA Nationals at Bowie, MD10-19966
CFOGI's 20th Aniversary Show02-200414
Florida Council's Fiero Weekend '97 at Daytona FL05-19974
Florida Council's Fiero Weekend '01,at Daytona FL09-200112
Gulf Coast Fiero Weekend at Kissimee, FL10-19952
Spring at Lititz Spring Park03-20094
Fieros at Carlisle 2009 Fieros take on GM Nationals!03-20098
Fiero Dutch Classic 2009;:Lititz, PA09-20094
Springtime at Lititz Park 200909-20097
Fieros at Carlisle 2009; Post Show Review09-2009cover, 9
Dutch Classic 200912-2009cover, 16
Daytona 200912-200924
Dells Run 200912-200925
Freysinger Cup12-200927
Salvage Yard Excursion - Imports Plus at York, PA08-19951
Club Picnic at the Schlag's, Dover, PA10-19954
Fall Colors at Roger Cutter's, White Hall, MD12-1995enclosure
NEFA Cruise11-200414
Spring Meeting at Pat Kearney's, Glennwood, MD02-1996enclosure
Summer Meeting at Seneca Creek State Park, Gaithersburg, MD05-1996enclosure
Thunder Road '06 at Watkins Glen, NY09-20066
PPG Pace Car Recognition12-20097
Power Tour 200912-200912
Carlisle - 20 Years of Memories03-20143
Carlisle - 20 Years of Memories04-20141
Carlisle - 20 Years of Memories05-20141
Understanding & Using the Fieropride BBS01-200310
Fieros on the Internet; latest directory10-19972
Fieros on the Internet; latest directory06-19998
Writing for a Newsletter10-20007
IMSA GTU - Bob Earl & Huffaker Engineering08-200311
Drag Racing School02-199811
Drag Racing Team10-19987
Fieros at the Drags02-19978
Fieros at the Drags08-19976
Fieros at the Drags10-19977 & 9
Autocross Experience08-19964
Hillclimbing (Solo 1)03-20021
Hillclimbing (Solo 1)08-200314
Fiero Song02-19974
MAFOA - The First Five Years12-19996
Static Fires at the Gas Pump01-200311
Half Million Mile Fiero!06-200710
Smokey Yunick's Hot Vapor Fiero03-20086
Fiero Craft - Stenciling12-20086
Car Safety Tip03-20095
Fiero Meets Mustang, Falls in Love and Wedding Bells Ring!03-20096
The End of an Era: Fieros Auctioned Off at Barrett-Jackson03-200910
PPG Pace Car12-20097
Drag Racing06-201412
Drag Racing12-20166
Never Drive in the Rain with Cruise Control On03-20095