Keep Cool


Keeping It Cool

by Denny Lambert

Want to keep your V6 cooler without making major modifications?

Buy and install the Hypertech 176 fan switch. Don't buy the thermostat, just the switch. Your engine will still warm up during cold weather, but your fan will switch on earlier, keeping the engine Fan switch locationcool, especially in hot weather.

I've heard arguments that it shortens the life of the fan, but from my perspective it's minimal extra wear, since the fan runs when you use the AC or defroster. Unless, of course, you don't have air conditioning.

I've had the switch in both our Fieros for more than two years, and have had no problems with it, and never worry about the engine temperature anymore.

The fan switch is located on the right side of the engine, near the thermostat housing (see photo, click on picture for a larger view).

I found the job was easier when I pulled the short section of vacuum hose above the switch.

You don't need to drain the coolant, just make sure the engine is cold. Squeeze the sides of the connector and pull to unplug it.

Cool running!